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I would like to personally apologize for our recent shortfall in inventory.  Last winter's cold snap  caused a run on the FeederHeater, and we were not able to build more in a reasonable amount of time.  The FeederHeater is made by hand (there isn't a factory, just a bunch of us elves) and resources and equipment were just not available.  I have lined up additional manufacturing capacity (Ok, we have more people signed up to help build them) and we have a good supply.  More importantly, we havce the abilty to make more when needed.

Note that your FeederHeater can be adjusted to warm the feeder better in cold weather.  The chain can be pulled tight and hooked so that the feeder is much closer to the lamp.  Your feeder gets MUCH
more heat with even a small change in the distance between it and the lamp on the FeederHeater.  In addition, if your feeder has a cord or other adjustable hanging apparatus, you can shorten it to further decrease the distance between the feeder and the chain.  Properly set, the FeederHeater will keep food liquid even in very cold temperatures.

So what do you do if it is below about 15 degrees F?   At these temperatures, you should bring in the feeder at night and only put it out during the day.  The FeederHeater can take up to a 120W halogen bulb, which provides more heat.  If you use a lamp with a wattage over 90, keep the feeder a minimum of several inches away from the lamp; while the FeederHeater wood cap will not burn, the hummingbird feeder can get quite hot under a larger-wattage lamp.  Do NOT use a 120W lamp when the ambient temperature is over 20 degrees F; it can over-heat the food and the feeder itself.  In addition, the light is quite strong and under certain circumstances the Hummingbirds will actually shy away from it.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with very high quality products. We hope you get as much enjoyment out of using our products as we get providing them for you.
           FeederHeater rigged for chilly weather; it could be brought up closer if desired.

We sell a heater for humming bird feeders, called the FeederHeatertm. (Patent Pending). This is a high-quality unit that any standard commercially-available hummingbird feeder can hang from. 

FeederHEater with a common type feeder The FeederHeater keeps your humming bird feeder from freezing in cold weather (down to about 15 -20 degrees F., or 12 - 17 degrees below freezing.)

Although most hummingbird species migrate to warmer climes for the winter, some don't and need food to make it through the winter. The problem is that feeding them in sub-freezing temperatures is iffy at best; the sugar water or nectar mix they eat will freeze at just below the freezing point of water, keeping the hummingbirds from feeding and often breaking the feeder as well.
The feeder heater not only keeps the food liquid, it provides a space for the birds to warm themselves. As a nice bonus, the birds look incredible under the light; hummingbirds have iridescent feathers which explode in color under the light of the feeder heater! 
Hummingbird under the FeederHeater!FeederHeater unit
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